The link method of HTTP adds meta information (Object header information) to an object, without touching the object's content. For example, it requests the creation of a link from the specified object to another object.

The request is followed by a set of object headers which are to be added.

In cases in which a new header is added and the semantics of the header do not allow it to coexist with a similar header, then the previous header is deleted. For example, an object may only have one title, so specifying a title overwrites and preexsiting title.

Link Types

The link type unless void is specified in the WWW-Link object field for each link. If not specified, void is assumed.

Unresolved points

As this is generalised to allow any metainformation to be added, a better name might be DESCRIBE or attribute (as a verb). I don't like "describe" as it does not suggest alteration. "Bestow"/"Rescind" might be better. For example, one could bestow a title or author on something previously title-less. We are looking at a general data model behind here a little like a relational database. This function adds records. "Set" and "Reset"?

Related Methods

LINK is like POST except that
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