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Issue Status

This is a list of issues. If you think the summary is wrong in any of these instances, please send mail to Jim Gettys, or, if you really think you have a new issue, please send mail to the http working group.

If there's an open issue or something is wrong, please speak up. Note that we declared that Any proposed HTTP/1.1 features not in HTTP/1.0 for which there is no consensus will revert to HTTP/1.0 status in 1.1 and be considered for inclusion in HTTP/1.2.

The comments are based on the HTTP/1.1 Version 01 specification and the reports of various subgroups. Security issues to be coordinated with the members of the Web Transaction Security working group.

Process to close out issues

Process to close out the issues.

Internet Draft 05

Internet Draft 05 is out. We believe it will be forwarded to the IESG for action as a proposed standard. I (jg) have completed all edits I know of as of 9PM EDT Friday June 7, 1996.

See the W3C protocols page for pointers to the draft.

We believe all significant issues have been resolved, with the exception of any raised after Friday, June 9.

Document Structure

The document structure has been frozen; examine the draft…

Key to Issue Owner

Editorial teleconference agenda for 6/6/96.
Editorial teleconference agenda for 5/30/96.
Editorial teleconference agenda for 5/02/96.
Editorial teleconference agenda for 4/25/96.
Editorial teleconference agenda for 4/18/96.
Editorial teleconference agenda for 4/11/96.
Editorial teleconference agenda for 4/4/96.

Issues for HTTP/1.1

Roughly organized by topic, and therefore people.

Issues for beyond HTTP/1.1

Rejected Outright

Confused issue