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W3C Privacy Initiatives after P3P

As a follow up to P3P, W3C did several workshops. A first workshop on improvements to P3P has let to the development of P3P 1.1 that was stopped because of fading industry support. A second workshop on long term goals was done and made clear that more research is needed.

W3C participated in several research projects to get some idea on what to do in this area in the future:

  1. EU IST FP5 RAPID, a roadmap for privacy
  2. PAW - Policy Aware Web
  3. TAMI - Transparent Accountable Datamining Initiative
  4. PRIME - Privacy and Identity management
  5. PrimeLife

W3C did a Workshop on Languages for Privacy Policy Negotiation and Semantics-Driven Enforcement in cooperation with PRIME to find out about the policy languages and identity management. The result was, that already too many policy languages exist already. Those policy languages are created as islands for specific goals. Consequently people do not know how to combine those languages in order to solve their issues.

W3C created the Policy Languages Interest Group (PLING) to address the combination of policy languages and the interoperability challenges this represents.