The electronic Telektronikk

Describing state-of-the-art in electronic information distribution will not have much value without a practical implementation. Therefore, this issue is published in electronic form through the network as well as on paper. Since this journal, like most publications these days, utilise desktop publishing systems, the extra work of making an electronic version globally accessible is not significant, and the text versions of the articles will be available several weeks before the paper version is ready. Also, in addition to text and images, the electronic version will include audio and video, although at a limited scale.

You can access the electronic version through the World Wide Web. (There are references to WWW in papers by Solvoll et al., Dybvik and Maartmann-Moe.) The Universal Resource Locator (the electronic equivalent of ISBN) for this issue of Telektronikk is '', and if you do not know how to apply this knowledge, your system administrator probably knows. If not, feel free to contact the guest editor.

Reading the electronic version has some benefits: you can use your favourite font, search for keywords of interest, or perhaps tell your computer to read the text out loud. Also, paper has its advantages. It is portable, light, and offers a higher resolution than you computer screen. We are still in the stone age of electronic publishing, and what you are seeing on your screen is the equivalent of rock carvings. But increasingly popular rock carvings.