(And other lies too numerous to mention.)

Everyone has information.
Too much information.
Most people produce vitally important *stuff* in such
prodigious quantities that printer and copier servicemen have
to work overtime.
Information means millions of trees die needlessly.
The rainforest. Your blasted filing cabinets.
(Do they really come new from the factory stuffed full of paper?)
Where does all that information go?
Number one, it's ignored. Lost. Shredded.
It gets shoveled, by the sprocket-pinned-perforated-fanfold ream,
into those blue plastic recycling bins next to your copying machines.
It keeps entire industries alive. (But not your industry.)
It goes to mill in Normandy where it's made into reinforced
disposable picnicware with an attractive floral pattern.
Perfect for potato salad.
That's what happens to your precious information.
But if you use Dun & Bradstreet Software,
the information that's truly powerful will come to your attention,
and the information that isn't won't. (Please recycle this ad.)