Summer of 97

We'll start by stating two facts. Fact #1: the combination of mountains and oceans makes Norway a very blue place. The view is from Aurland in July 1997.
Fact #2: no matter how beautiful the landscape is, the Barbie doll is always more important. Again, the view is from Aurland.


Mjølfjell Youth Hostel was the second stopping point on our journey. It's run by my cousin Kaare and his family.
The your hostel has its own station (Ørneberget) on the Oslo-Bergen track which you can barely see above the main building.
Also, it has a heated outdoor pool. The electricity for this is a local product.
Anniken enjoys the warm blue water...
... before crossing the cold white waters...
The hostel also organizes riding camps for kids. Anniken i a little too young...
... and I'm a little too old. The horse on the picture is a "fjording" which is native to western Norway.


Another day, another town. Bergen.
On the fishmarket they sell cherries...
And fish. Here, a "breiflabb".


The goal of the journey is Ågotnes on the Sotra island where my father's family live. This is the view to the south...
... and this is looking north. Oil is the reason.


Kids in cars must be securely fastened...
... before they get to see their native country.
But a roadside stop reveals more shades of blue.