W3C Home Page for Daniel Dardailler

Color Photo of DanielD's head and shoulder, wearing a shirt

I left W3C at the end of 2018, after 22 years of service.

I was Europe Associate Chair, working in Sophia Antipolis, Europe headquarters, south-east of France, or from home in Grasse.

As W3C Director of International Relations,  for the past 10 years or so, I coordinated and managed W3C official liaisons (e.g. with ICANN, ISO, EC, etc).

Before that, I've been leading various activities at W3C: EPayment, PICS, WAI, QA, eGov, EMEA site, EC Projects lead, W3C Offices, AC/TPAC/Teamday organizer, Web Foundation setup, PWET/CEPC.

Here's my LinkedIn profile.

ps: I don't think there is anyone else on earth with this firstname/lastname, so you found me, but I don't work at W3C anymore, so if it's personal, please write at my personal address, which is <my first name>@dardailler.net