Recently received spam

I get sent a lot of unsolicited mail each day. Here are some recent ones. I'm hoping that by putting the mail addresses here, spamcrawlers will find them.

Name: SNSCommunication
email address:
On: 2016: Wed 2nd March
Topic: Selling a $3,500 “SNS Research report”; letter addressed to “Hello [firstname]” which is always a bit of a giveaway.
Name: Studio UK
email address:
On: 2012: Thursday 8th July
Topic: Studio UK are offering customers a professional looking website at a very low cost, they say. Honest, gov. And they'll redo the ashpalt on your driveway too, and it'll be guaranteed for a week. Seriosuly, a Web design firm that needs to send out unsolicited email to get business?
Name: Kerf Developments Ltd
email address:
On: 2012: Sat 2nd June
Topic: Trying to sell me some factory machining equipment. All the way from Rochdale, Lancashire to my home in Canada, it doesn't seem likely. And where would I put it? And why would I deal with a bunch of computer-illiterate sharks who send unsolicited mail? Sending out spam is not a way to build trust.
Name: Group Reso International
email address:
On: 2012: Mon 16th Jan
Topic: Start up your own business group with Group Reso, do mass mailing, and get hated and banned from using the Internet. Smart people to do business with?
Name: Latent Studio, Latent Strength
email address:
On: 2011: Sun 18th Dec
Topic: Advertising web design; a good Web designer shouldn't need to send spam.
Name: Steve Lanaway
email address:
On: 2011: Thu 20th Jan
Topic: Unsolicited mail advertising anger management classes from a firm called Beating Anger Bromley. Should I worry if I am angry about this? Can someone give Bromely a beating for me? Unsolicited mail is not an acceptable advertising strategy for an organisation that wants a good reputation.
Name: Sara Hammett
email address:
On: 2010: Wed 19th August
Topic: Advertising a seminar on business processes. Good business management does not include illegal or immoral business methods that will potentially alienate your audience, such as sending unsolicited email.
email address:
0800 380 340
On: 2009: Tuesday 13th Oct
Topic: Bulk mail from some outfit called Sundail Telecom advertising an email-to-fax gateway, presumably to be used for sending out irritating spam.
Name: Tina Harris
email address:
On: 2009: Tue 29th September
Topic: From all the pages I found related to that subject, yours is definitely one of the most comprehensive. I just loved all the informative content, the high quality information and references. Congratulations for all the good work! [...] I feel that we can be a valuable resource for your page visitors, and I would be delighted if you could place a link [...]
Name: Mike Blazedell
email address:
On: 2009: Fri 18th Sep
Topic: Search engine friendly website design or redesigns? I know whether or not I'd want to use someone who sent out spam adverts to their potential clients.
Name: Superweb Solutions
email address:
On: 2009: Wed 6th may
Topic: A Web design firm in Malaysia that sends out mass mail and spam is probably not one to be associated with if you want a good reputation. You decide.
Name: Data Division
email address:
On: 2009: Wed 21st Jan
Topic: Selling a mailing list for spammers
Name: Andrew Kenny
email address:
On: 2008: Sat 6th Dec

Bulk mail software

The data we provide comes with software to send the emails without fear of incorrectly being marked as spam and complies with all regulations.

(this is not a valid claim on either count, of course)

Name: Stephen S. Rando
email address:
On: 2007: Tuesday31st July
Topic: A recruiting firm in Waltham, MA, USA, wants to hire some US citizens to they can have a security clearance. It's so secure they didn't even put my name in the To field of the mail.
Name: Vincent Vaklenberg
email address:
On: 2007: Sat 7th April
Topic: Wanting to sell me collections of stamps, autographs, arms (!) and space artifacts (!!)