Henrik Frystyk, July 1994

WWW Icon Abstract

The subject of this thesis is to introduce the World-Wide Web as a generic model for exchanging information on the Internet using a set of Presentation Layer protocols with the Hypertext Transfer Protocol as the most important. The description is related to the lower layers of the Internet TCP/IP protocol stack.

The software developed and maintained by the World-Wide Web team at CERN is described with attention put on the World-Wide Web Library of Common Code and an updated control flow chart of the library architecture.

A multi-threaded, interruptable I/O Hypertext Transfer Protocol client based on an event driven loop has been designed and implemented as a state machine. Furthermore, a design for how World-Wide Web Clients interface to the library when posting a data object to one or more remote servers is designed and implemented.

The code is currently available in an alpha version (August 1994), but will officially be released later this summer.

Henrik Frystyk, frystyk@info.cern.ch, July 1994