I arrived at the Warwick Hotel in Geneva around noon on Tuesday. Tim Berners-Lee had asked me to telephone him when I arrived, as we had some business to discuss regarding WWWIG, a group of vendors supporting WWW in upcoming products, and W3O, the developing international consortium of WWW collaborators.

We arranged to meet at his office. But when I arrived at the CERN lobby, Tim was there to meet a group of other conference attendees who had just arrived. The afternoon was pretty chaotic (shades of things to come...) as I tried to pry Tim and Robert Cailliau away for a few minutes to arrange a room for a WWWIG meeting.

Eventually, we arranged a room for Wednesday afternoon at 2pm. And I did eventually meet with Tim in his office and discuss W3O and WWWIG.

Also, Tim introduced me to Dave Ragget. He and I have had some vast differences of opinion, and I learned by talking to him that there is a lot more thought and effort behind his positions than is evident from his writings. For most of his time at HP, WWW has been a "skunkworks" project, and he hasn't had time to write his thoughts up properly. HP is now investing heavily in WWW technology, and they will allow Dave to focus his attention and spend more time on such things.