Chucky's Arrangement Mark-up Language

Musical notation expresses, in a visual rendering, a piece of music which is sophisticated enough to allow the playing of a symphony by two orchestras in an almost indistinguishable manner, yet flexible enough to allow an individual's performance to be distinctive. At the same time, it expresses a structure which is readily amenable to certain transformations with readily determined consequences.

So I'm trying to produce a mechanism for marking up music.

I want it to:

I think this will also allow for programs that print the music, and programs that play the musc, to share easily.

So where am I at?

well, as at 24 june 99 I have a couple of examples - a meaningless piece of music that could be written as a normal score, and "The house of the rising sun", as you might find it in a folk songs book.

I also have a slowly evolving a DTD