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Recent Employment History

June 1997 - present: Littleguy
Current contract work:

Previous work includes:

January 2003 - present: Vice-presidente Fundación Sidar


Effective search skills using Internet, library, journal indexing and other resources. Ability to initiate and carry out extended research projects. The ability to learn new skills quickly.
Communication (written and oral)
Teaching computing skills to people from a wide variety of backgrounds: from Primary students to Tertiary academics. Collaborating with corporate management, clerical and 'coal-face' staff to design and complete projects under pressure. Complex customer relations under pressure (for example tactfully removing aggressive drunks from pubs and making other customers happy about the friendly environment, at the same time).
I have learned a wide range of languages, both in a formal setting and informally. As well as excellent written and spoken English (my native language) I have good communication skills in French and Spanish, fair skills in Italian, with some ability to converse in German and Japanese, and read Latin (reasonably well). I have rudimentary skills in several other languages, and can learn them very fast..
Planning and overseeing a variety of projects concurrently. Co-ordinating people with varied skills to maximise the collective output of a group.
Hard Work
Ability to work long shifts performing physically or mentally demanding work. (And I can reach the top shelf.) I derive great pleasure from learning new skills and ideas.
Driving and Travel
I have worked as a professional courier, and driven in excess of 160,000 km for business in a year. In the last five years I have travelled approximately 1 million miles, through every continent except Antarctica.


Currently enrolled part time in a Master of Arts degree at RMIT school of Animation and Interactive Multimedia. Co-supervised by Geoff Freed of WGBH Boston's National Center for Accessible Media, my research project is investigating the accessibility of multimedia to people with disabilities or limited infrastructure.
Previous highest standard reached:
Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) in medieval History, University of Melbourne, 1999


Some of what I consider my major achievements include:

Personal Details

Name: Charles McCathieNevile

Date of Birth: 3 June 1970

Citizenship: Australian

Mailing Addresses
Australia Europe
21 Mitchell street
2004 Route des Lucioles
06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex

Telephone: +61 409 134 136 Facsimile: +33 4 92 38 78 22 attn: Chaals


Dr Daniel Dardailler

Director for Europe
World Wide Web Consortium
06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex
Phone: +33.4

Mr Jonathan O'Donnell

Formerly: Director of Information Technology,
Faculty of Art Design and Communication, RMIT University
Now at: National Gallery of Victoria
Phone +61 3 9208 0385

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January 2003. Charles McCathieNevile