Ari Luotonen


Tampere University of Technology, Finland
Software Engineering
Master's degree after one year at school

Professional Experience

Mosaic Communications Corporation, September 1994 - current

Mountain View, California, USA

Member of Technical Staff.
Continuing WWW work.

CERN, July 1993 - July 1994

Geneva, Switzerland

Chief developer of CERN httpd (a hypertext server and a caching proxy server).
During my stay at CERN I became aquinted with various aspects of WWW technology, co-operated with the NCSA development team, and became one of the few world experts on the HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol). In addition, I wrote most the documentation for the WWW software developed at CERN during that year, and provided user-support, not only for CERN physics collaboratoins, but for a world-wide audience.

Grif S.A, June 1994

Paris, France

Software developer.
During my stay at CERN, I worked at Grif S.A. for three weeks. Grif is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), full SGML editor supporting multiple DTD's and style sheets, and I integrated the WWW Common Library support into it. This makes it possible for Grif to load documents over the network from remote servers as any other WWW client program. In addition Grif can now store files back to remote servers, and make hypertext links interactively.

DataUnit Oy, January 1993 - June 1993

Tampere, Finland

Both a software developer, and a course supervisor.
I developed a Lotus Notes application, a gateway from Lotus Notes mail into normal (physical) mail. In the courses I taught C and C++ programming, object-oriented programming in general, and software design methodology.

Tampere University of Technology, several semesters during 1990 - 1993

Tampere, Finland

An assistant teacher, and also a student counsellor during the school-year 1992-1993.
I held excercise classes during three school-years in my university for courses 81100, Introduction to Programming, and 81111, Principles of Programming.