W3C PICS Next Generation Labels
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PICS Platform for Internet Content Selection is an infrastructure for associating labels (metadata) with internet resources. The initial goal of this infrastructure, content filtering, is now evolving to address the broader issues of content selection including richer resource descriptive schemes, organizational management, discovery and retrieval, intellectual property rights and privacy protection tasks. This W3C working group will define a new format for labels in order to better address these issues. This label format is based on the original specification as defined in PICS-1.1. The new format will permit non-numeric values (e.g., strings), structured values (e.g., an author and corresponding affiliation) and element repeatability.

This working group will also incorporate label format modifications and/or standard extensions required for the reference info (including a more general form of document hashing than the rsa-md5 specified for PICS-1.1). These modifications will be coordinated with the W3C Digital Signature and Digital Collections Working Group.

W3 Working Group Chairs:
Eric Miller
Bob Schloss

PLEASE NOTE: The W3C Metadata activities have been restructured. The PICS-NG working group and the DSIG Collections working group have merged and are now under the auspics of the RDF Resource Description Framework working group(s). The following page is no longer being kept up to date.

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