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Attention working group participants:

Dan Connolly, chair +1 512 310-2971
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(@@deliverables section of the charter should sets initial deliverables, and link to this section for updates. Each time a deliverable is added, you should consider writing a newsletter article to update the membership.)
Scheduled Milestone Document and Revision Date Editor/Contact Status/History
W3C Proposed Recommendation by 31 Oct 1997 WD-html40-971024 Arnaud Le Hors,
Dave Raggett,
Ian Jacobs
recent changes, particular sections to review, previous versions, ...



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Name Affiliation and Role Date
alphabetical order member org, invited expert; link to introductory message@@ that that this person agreed to participate per the charter

Charter and History

In this section, explain how this group derives its authority: activity proposal, membership review, Director's decision in the form of CFP and Charter.

Then provide an edited history of the group: at least links to face-to-face meetings, if not links to teleconferences. Ideally, every decision of the group is directly linked from here.

This section should also serve as a log of documents sent to this group and recognized by the chair (requirements, drafts for review by the group, etc.)

I find it easist to maintain the history in reverse-chronological order; i.e. newest stuff at the top.

Background and Related Resources

anything you and the WG participants want to have handy; related pages on the W3C site or elsewhere. some examples:


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[see W3C Guide: The Web: Sharing, Group Memory, and Communication for some background/motivation.]