DOMC June 96 Workshop Format

The format of the workshop will be six working sessions, dedicated to specific problem areas as defined by the Call for Papers. (see the initial program for details.)

Each of these sessions will begin with a short (half-hour) overview of the problems and approaches in the field. The Program Committee has selected speakers to give these presentations, and for each session has appointed a point of contact within the Program Committee itself to collect comments to ensure that all viewpoints are presented. Please feel free to contact any or all of these points of contact (as outlined in the initial program) with your comments, although due to the volume of comments expected please do not expect a reply. All participants in the workshop are encouraged to participate in all six sessions.

At the conclusion of each session presentation, seven to ten open issues or problems will be outlined, and the workshop participants will be asked to reform as an equal number of smaller working groups to gather and categorize issues and answers, and develop possible solutions and paths to solutions. At the end of each session, each smaller working group will be asked to give a (short) overview of its output, as well as making its output available in HTML form.

Program Committee
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