The CC/PP Implementor Workshop, 2000



15 November, 2000
Feedback from the CCPP WG meeting
Conformance (which turned into a discussion on CCPP over HTTP)
Demonstration of existing Implementations
RDF Discussion
Demonstration of existing implementations
Security and Trust
16 November, 2001
Conformance in WAP
Content Adaption Strategies
CCPP: The Future

Actions Arising

Minutes of the CCPP Implementers Workshop, 15 Novemeber, 2000


Feedback from CCPP WG Meeting

JH reported


[Note: What followed next was a discussion of how to transport CCPP over existing web infrastructure]


RESTART 10:40am

Presentation of Existing CCPP Implementation

Ericsson Wap Application Server, presented by Sten Ulrich Eriksson, Ericsson

While the server implements much of WAP 1.2.1, no (optional) UAPROF functionality is currently available. We have to wait for the next release, version 3.

The only CCPP-like functionality it currently offers is the selection of a (device-class generic?) template, e.g. if client is a desktop PC, then select the PC template

SBC-TRIC implementation, by Lalitha Suryanarayana, presented by Chris Woodrow

first working CCPP implementation

Information Architects Implementation, presented by Chris Woodrow

any comments/remarks?

11:30 am RDF Discussion, lead by GK

Noon Break for Lunch

1.15 pm Implementation and Evaluation of Keio CCPP Implementation, Kinuko Yasuda, Keio University

Content conversion

General Browser Architecture, Toni Penttinen, Ericsson

3.00pm Security and Trust, Graham Klyne

[NB: Discussion produced extra points that were not in the slides. These points are captured below]

Minutes of the CCPP Implementers Workshop, 16 Novemeber, 2000

Action Arising:

1. Propose Device Independent Authoring WG at the next Advisory Committee meeting in Boston.

9:10 am Conformance in WAP, Mikael Nilsson, Ericsson

Content Adaption Strategies, Johan Hjelm, Ericsson


11:00 am CCPP: The Future

11:30 FINISH