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File: Presentation/TokenElements/ms/msAdisplaystyle2.xml (mml file)
Author: Robert Miner and Jeff Schaefer, Geometry Technologies
Description: Tests that token element attributes set on <ms> are unaffected by being put into an <mstyle> environment. Also tests various multiple color attribute value formats.
Sample Rendering:
Created by: webeq

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A + A + A + A + A + A + A + A + A

Source Code:

      <mstyle displaystyle='true'> 
          <ms fontweight='bold'>A</ms> 
          <ms fontweight='normal' fontstyle='italic'>A 
          <ms fontstyle='normal'>A</ms> 
          <ms fontweight='bold' fontstyle='normal'>A 
          <ms color='#9c0fff'>A</ms> 
          <ms color='#0ee'>A</ms> 
          <ms color='Green'>A</ms> 
          <ms fontfamily='Helvetica'>A</ms> 

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