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File: /Characters/NumericRefs/a.xml
Author: MathML 2 Recommendation
Description: Numeric References starting with a
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aacute U000E1 á
Aacute U000C1 Á
abreve U00103 ă
Abreve U00102 Ă
ac U0290F
acd U0223F
acE U029DB
Acirc U000C2 Â
acirc U000E2 â
acute U000B4 ´
acy U00430 а
Acy U00410 А
aelig U000E6 æ
AElig U000C6 Æ
af U02061
afr U1D51E 𝔞
Afr U1D504 𝔄
Agrave U000C0 À
agrave U000E0 à
aleph U02135
alpha U003B1 α
amacr U00101 ā
Amacr U00100 Ā
amalg U02A3F ⨿
amp U00026 &
And U02A53
and U02227
andand U02A55
andd U02A5C
andslope U02A58
andv U02A5A
ang U02220
ange U029A4
angle U02220
angmsd U02221
angmsdaa U029A8
angmsdab U029A9
angmsdac U029AA
angmsdad U029AB
angmsdae U029AC
angmsdaf U029AD
angmsdag U029AE
angmsdah U029AF
angrt U0221F
angrtvb U022BE
angrtvbd U0299D
angsph U02222
angst U0212B
angzarr U0237C
aogon U00105 ą
Aogon U00104 Ą
aopf U1D552 𝕒
Aopf U1D538 𝔸
ap U02248
apacir U02A6F
ape U0224A
apE U0224A
apid U0224B
apos U00027 '
ApplyFunction U02061
approx U02248
approxeq U0224A
aring U000E5 å
Aring U000C5 Å
ascr U1D4B6 𝒶
Ascr U1D49C 𝒜
Assign U02254
ast U0002A *
asymp U02248
Atilde U000C3 Ã
atilde U000E3 ã
auml U000E4 ä
Auml U000C4 Ä
awconint U02233
awint U02A11

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