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Author:Abdelshafi Bekhit, school-book of elementary school for mathematics, Province Cairo of Egypt and the same in Arabic probably.
Description:A simple example of two-dimensional addition 321+654=975, is shown in RTL direction and represented in Arabic. The authors of the school-book are: Dr. Fayez Mourad Mina; Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Sid-Ahmed; Dr. Jean Michel Hanna and the publisher: Dar Al-Shaab foundation, City: Cairo, year: 2008, and the filing 2008/10315. See also Online School, and ELearning-Ministry of Education, Egypt

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٣٢١ ٦٥٤ + ٩٧٥

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<math  xmlns="" display="block" dir="rtl">
  	<msrow> <mn>&#x0666;&#x0665;&#x0664;</mn> <mo>+</mo> </msrow>