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Author:Abdelshafi Bekhit, Mathematics Book for high-school students, grade 11 in kuwait, Book Title: Mathematics and Statistics, the second part.
Description:In part 44 page number 3 there is an object with a prescript and postscript. Although this expression suggests the Arabic notation for permutations count, since it is set in an overall LTR context, the prescript 5 should appear to the upper right. Authors of the school-book are: Mr. Ibrahim Hussein Al-Qattan, Dr. Mamdouh Mohamed Suleiman, Dr. Chafika Abdul Hameed Al-Awadi, Dr. Imad El-Din Ali Ahmed, Mr. Elham Afifi Ali, Mr. Mahmoud Abdul-Ghani Mohammed and Mr. Nagwa Mohamed Abdel Razek. The publisher: Ministry of Education, City: Kuwait, year: 2007/2008. See also ELearning-Ministry of Education, Kuwait

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ل ٣ ٥ = ٥ × ٤ × ٣