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Author:Abdelshafi Bekhit, Mathematics for primary grade IV, Province Cairo of Egypt and the same in Arabic probably.
Description:Long Devision for dividing two numbers. The example shows how the division of 1320/11 is performed to obtain the result 120, and the output of subtraction is zero (صفر). This example is in Arabic language and it is set in an overall RTL context. The authors of the school-book are: Dr. Fayez Mourad Mina; Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Sid-Ahmed; Dr. Jean Michel Hanna and the publisher: Dar Al-Shaab foundation, City: Cairo, year: 2008, and the filing 2008/10315. See also Online School, and ELearning-Ministry of Education, Egypt

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١١ ١٢٠ ١٣٢٠ ١١ - ٢٢ ٢٢- صفر