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Author:Robert Miner and Jeff Schaefer, Geometry Technologies
Description:Systematic test of CSS color name attribute values, and color attribute inheritance with <mstyle>, <mo> and <mi>.

Sample Rendering:

Created by: webeq

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A + B + C + D + E + F + G + H + I A + B + C + D + E + F + G + H + I

Source Code:

<math xmlns=""> 
        <mo color="black">+</mo> 
        <mi color="GREEN">B</mi> 
        <mo color="Silver">+</mo> 
        <mi color="Lime">C</mi> 
        <mo color="Gray">+</mo> 
        <mstyle mathbackground="#fff"> 
            <mi color="OLIVE">D</mi> 
            <mo color="white">+</mo> 
            <mi color="Yellow">E</mi> 
        <mo color="Maroon">+</mo> 
        <mi color="Navy">F</mi> 
        <mo color="Red">+</mo> 
        <mi color="Blue">G</mi> 
        <mo color="Purple">+</mo> 
        <mi color="Teal">H</mi> 
        <mo color="Fuchsia">+</mo> 
        <mi color="Aqua">I</mi> 
        <mo mathcolor="black">+</mo> 
        <mi mathcolor="GREEN">B</mi> 
        <mo mathcolor="Silver">+</mo> 
        <mi mathcolor="Lime">C</mi> 
        <mo mathcolor="Gray">+</mo> 
        <mstyle mathbackground="#fff"> 
            <mi mathcolor="OLIVE">D</mi> 
            <mo mathcolor="white">+</mo> 
            <mi mathcolor="Yellow">E</mi> 
        <mo mathcolor="Maroon">+</mo> 
        <mi mathcolor="Navy">F</mi> 
        <mo mathcolor="Red">+</mo> 
        <mi mathcolor="Blue">G</mi> 
        <mo mathcolor="Purple">+</mo> 
        <mi mathcolor="Teal">H</mi> 
        <mo mathcolor="Fuchsia">+</mo> 
        <mi mathcolor="Aqua">I</mi>