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Description:Fairly comprehensive test of many mfrac properties

Sample Rendering:

Created by: MathPlayer

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Inline, display style, thick line  x - 1 0.98 × 10 2 + y , the superscripted 2 should be script size.

Source Code:

<math xmlns="">
  <mtext>Inline, display style, thick line </mtext>
  <mstyle displaystyle="false" scriptlevel="0">
      <mstyle displaystyle="true" scriptlevel="0">
        <mfrac linethickness="1pt">
            <mo form="infix">-</mo>
              <mo form="infix">&#x000D7;</mo>
            <mo form="infix">+</mo>
  <mtext>, the superscripted 2 should be script size.</mtext>