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Author:Neil Soiffler, Design Science Inc.
Description:Panorama of menclosed effects. Note that 'madruwb' has various renderings. The 'empty attr' case is an error, but displaying the default 'sqrt' rendering is not required. The list of attrs is open-ended, so technically the 'bad attr' case is not an error, and so does not have to display as red. However, it is unlikely other renders will display a triangle so flagging this as an error might be helpful. As with 'missing attr', displaying the default 'sqrt' rendering is not required.

Sample Rendering:

Created by: MathPlayer?

Your browser's rendering:

default abcdefg longdiv abcdefg actuarial abcdefg radical abcdefg box abcdefg roundedbox abcdefg circle abcdefg left abcdefg right abcdefg top abcdefg bottom abcdefg updiagonalstrike abcdefg downdiagonalstrike abcdefg verticalstrike abcdefg horizontalstrike abcdefg madruwb abcdefg cross out abcdefg all sides and all strikes abcdefg nested roundedbox abcdefg nested circle abcdefg empty attr abcdefg bad attr abcdefg

Source Code:

<math xmlns="">
<mtable columnalign="right left">
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> default </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> longdiv </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="longdiv"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> actuarial </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="actuarial "><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> radical </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="radical"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> box </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="box"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> roundedbox </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="roundedbox"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> circle </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="circle"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> left </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="left"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> right </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="right"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> top </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="top"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> bottom </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="bottom"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> updiagonalstrike </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="updiagonalstrike"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> downdiagonalstrike </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="downdiagonalstrike"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> verticalstrike </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="verticalstrike"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> horizontalstrike </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="horizontalstrike"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> madruwb</mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="madruwb"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> cross out </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="updiagonalstrike downdiagonalstrike"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> all sides and all strikes </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="left right top bottom updiagonalstrike downdiagonalstrike verticalstrike horizontalstrike"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> nested roundedbox </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="roundedbox"><menclose notation="roundedbox"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> nested circle </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="circle"><menclose notation="circle"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> empty attr </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation=""><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>
<mtr> <mtd> <mtext> bad attr </mtext></mtd> <mtd> <menclose notation="triangle"><mi> abcdefg </mi> </menclose></mtd> </mtr>