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CVS-ID:$Id: clipboard2-simple.xhtml,v 1.51 2012/02/14 14:51:07 polx Exp $
Author:Paul Libbrecht, DFKI GmbH
Description:Simple math expression; copying it should yield the flavours of generic MathML, of MathML-Presentation, as well as MathML Content, of plain text (with the MathML expression), TeX, and the flavour of a PNG image. (see predefined flavour names by platform)

Use a clipboard introspector to proof it. We are told that ClipboardViewer in MacOSX developer tools' examples or ClipSpy on Windows can do this work. See also, for the java world, DropItTester.

Sample Rendering:

Created by: MathPlayer

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1x 1 x {1 \over x}