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CVS-ID:$Id: clipboard1-full.xhtml,v 1.52 2012/02/14 14:51:06 polx Exp $
Author:Paul Libbrecht, DFKI GmbH
Description:Simple math expression; copying it should yield the flavours for generic MathML (Windows: MathML, MacOSX: public.mathml, MIME: application/mathml+xml) and for MathML Presentation (Windows: MathML Presentation, MacOSX: public.mathml.presentation, MIME: application/mathml-presentation+xml). Optionnally the MathML code may be in plain text.

Use a clipboard introspector to proof it. We are told that ClipboardViewer in MacOSX developer tools' examples or ClipSpy on Windows can do this work. See also DropItTester.

Sample Rendering:

Created by: MathPlayer

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x x+1

Source Code:

<math xmlns="">