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aacute á Aacute Á abreve ă Abreve Ă ac acd acE ∾̳ acirc â Acirc  acute ´ acy а Acy А aelig æ AElig Æ af afr 𝔞 Afr 𝔄 agrave à Agrave À aleph alpha α amacr ā Amacr Ā amalg ⨿ amp & and And andand andd andslope andv ang ange angle angmsd angmsdaa angmsdab angmsdac angmsdad angmsdae angmsdaf angmsdag angmsdah angrt angrtvb angrtvbd angsph angst Å angzarr aogon ą Aogon Ą aopf 𝕒 Aopf 𝔸 ap apacir ape apE apid apos ' ApplyFunction approx approxeq aring å Aring Å ascr 𝒶 Ascr 𝒜 Assign ast * asymp asympeq atilde ã Atilde à auml ä Auml Ä awconint awint