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Author:David Carlisle
Description:mtable with charaters from the block Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols

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1D60 1D61 1D62 1D63 0 𝘐 𝘠 𝘰 1 𝘑 𝘡 𝘱 2 𝘒 𝘢 𝘲 3 𝘓 𝘣 𝘳 4 𝘔 𝘤 𝘴 5 𝘕 𝘥 𝘵 6 𝘖 𝘦 𝘶 7 𝘗 𝘧 𝘷 8 𝘈 𝘘 𝘨 𝘸 9 𝘉 𝘙 𝘩 𝘹 A 𝘊 𝘚 𝘪 𝘺 B 𝘋 𝘛 𝘫 𝘻 C 𝘌 𝘜 𝘬 D 𝘍 𝘝 𝘭 E 𝘎 𝘞 𝘮 F 𝘏 𝘟 𝘯