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Author:David Carlisle
Description:mtable with charaters from the block Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols

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1D4D 1D4E 1D4F 1D50 0 𝓐 𝓠 𝓰 𝔀 1 𝓑 𝓡 𝓱 𝔁 2 𝓒 𝓢 𝓲 𝔂 3 𝓓 𝓣 𝓳 𝔃 4 𝓔 𝓤 𝓴 5 𝓕 𝓥 𝓵 6 𝓖 𝓦 𝓶 7 𝓗 𝓧 𝓷 8 𝓘 𝓨 𝓸 9 𝓙 𝓩 𝓹 A 𝓚 𝓪 𝓺 B 𝓛 𝓫 𝓻 C 𝓜 𝓬 𝓼 D 𝓝 𝓭 𝓽 E 𝓞 𝓮 𝓾 F 𝓟 𝓯 𝓿