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Author:David Carlisle
Description:mtable with charaters from the block Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols

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1D5D 1D5E 1D5F 1D60 1D75 1D76 1D77 1D78 1D7E 1D7F 0 𝗠 𝗰 𝘀 𝝠 𝝰 𝞀 𝟰 1 𝗡 𝗱 𝘁 𝝡 𝝱 𝞁 𝟱 2 𝗢 𝗲 𝘂 𝝢 𝝲 𝞂 𝟲 3 𝗣 𝗳 𝘃 𝝣 𝝳 𝞃 𝟳 4 𝗔 𝗤 𝗴 𝘄 𝝤 𝝴 𝞄 𝟴 5 𝗕 𝗥 𝗵 𝘅 𝝥 𝝵 𝞅 𝟵 6 𝗖 𝗦 𝗶 𝘆 𝝖 𝝦 𝝶 𝞆 7 𝗗 𝗧 𝗷 𝘇 𝝗 𝝧 𝝷 𝞇 8 𝗘 𝗨 𝗸 𝝘 𝝨 𝝸 𝞈 9 𝗙 𝗩 𝗹 𝝙 𝝩 𝝹 𝞉 A 𝗚 𝗪 𝗺 𝝚 𝝪 𝝺 𝞊 B 𝗛 𝗫 𝗻 𝝛 𝝫 𝝻 𝞋 C 𝗜 𝗬 𝗼 𝝜 𝝬 𝝼 𝞌 𝟬 D 𝗝 𝗭 𝗽 𝝝 𝝭 𝝽 𝞍 𝟭 E 𝗞 𝗮 𝗾 𝝞 𝝮 𝝾 𝞎 𝟮 F 𝗟 𝗯 𝗿 𝝟 𝝯 𝝿 𝞏 𝟯