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Author:David Carlisle
Description:mtable with charaters from the block Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols

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1D46 1D47 1D48 1D49 1D71 1D72 1D73 1D74 1D75 0 𝑰 𝒀 𝒐 𝜠 𝜰 𝝀 𝝐 1 𝑱 𝒁 𝒑 𝜡 𝜱 𝝁 𝝑 2 𝑲 𝒂 𝒒 𝜢 𝜲 𝝂 𝝒 3 𝑳 𝒃 𝒓 𝜣 𝜳 𝝃 𝝓 4 𝑴 𝒄 𝒔 𝜤 𝜴 𝝄 𝝔 5 𝑵 𝒅 𝒕 𝜥 𝜵 𝝅 𝝕 6 𝑶 𝒆 𝒖 𝜦 𝜶 𝝆 7 𝑷 𝒇 𝒗 𝜧 𝜷 𝝇 8 𝑨 𝑸 𝒈 𝒘 𝜨 𝜸 𝝈 9 𝑩 𝑹 𝒉 𝒙 𝜩 𝜹 𝝉 A 𝑪 𝑺 𝒊 𝒚 𝜪 𝜺 𝝊 B 𝑫 𝑻 𝒋 𝒛 𝜫 𝜻 𝝋 C 𝑬 𝑼 𝒌 𝜜 𝜬 𝜼 𝝌 D 𝑭 𝑽 𝒍 𝜝 𝜭 𝜽 𝝍 E 𝑮 𝑾 𝒎 𝜞 𝜮 𝜾 𝝎 F 𝑯 𝑿 𝒏 𝜟 𝜯 𝜿 𝝏