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Author:David Carlisle
Description:mtable with charaters from the block Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols

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1D56 1D57 1D58 1D59 0 𝕰 𝖀 𝖐 1 𝕱 𝖁 𝖑 2 𝕲 𝖂 𝖒 3 𝕳 𝖃 𝖓 4 𝕴 𝖄 𝖔 5 𝕵 𝖅 𝖕 6 𝕶 𝖆 𝖖 7 𝕷 𝖇 𝖗 8 𝕸 𝖈 𝖘 9 𝕹 𝖉 𝖙 A 𝕺 𝖊 𝖚 B 𝕻 𝖋 𝖛 C 𝕬 𝕼 𝖌 𝖜 D 𝕭 𝕽 𝖍 𝖝 E 𝕮 𝕾 𝖎 𝖞 F 𝕯 𝕿 𝖏 𝖟