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Meta Discussion Page for XHTML2 Wiki

Main Page Modifications: 10 December 2008

  1. added structure with headers
  2. added link to Proposed Elements for XHTML2 index


  1. should the first header simply be "Meetings" and contain a link to f2f meetings, as well as a link to a page (i am volunteering to maintain) which collects WG telecon minutes?
  2. should the second header simply be "Deliverables", divided into level3 headings for each deliverable?
  3. should there be a standard "terminal index" and if so, to what should it link?
  4. as long as the page is compact, i have chosen to use the __NOTOC__ syntax to avoid the auto-creation of a wikified table of contents; the WG should come up with a policy on use of tables of content, keeping in mind that beginning a document with __NOTOC__ can be over-ridden by adding a __TOC__ command where one wishes the table of contents to appear

comments added by Gregory Rosmaita, 2008-12-10