Math Entities

This list is in a very preliminary stage ...

I hope to use ISO names where practical, and want to ensure that names are meaningful, rather than cryptic. The character codes for common fonts will be included, although which fonts to include is still under review.

The following sets out the range of math symbols supported by HTML math, giving the HTML entity name, the corresponding LaTeX command name and a short description. Character codes are given in hexadecimal when available for the Postscript symbol set and HP's math-8 symbol set.

Continuation dots - ellipsis

&ldots;     \ldots    three dots on the baseline
&cdots;     \cdots    three dots on same level as a minus sign
&vdots;     \vdots    three vertical dots
&ddots;     \ddots    diagonal dots (top left to bottom right)
&dotfill;   \dotfill  like cdots but fills column in an array

Added Spacing

     \,        thin space
&sp;        \:        medium space
       \;        thick space
&quad;      \quad     huge space

Lower case Greek Letters

                                      PS-Symbol Math-8
α     \alpha        alpha          61      61
β      \beta         beta           62      62
γ     \gamma        gamma          67      63
δ     \delta        delta          64      64
ε   \epsilon      epsilon        --      65
&vepsilon;  \varepsilon   var epsilon    65      3B
ζ      \zeta         zeta           7A      66
η       \eta          eta            68      67
θ     \theta        theta          71      68
&vtheta;    \vartheta     var theta      --      79
ι      \iota         iota           69      69
κ     \kappa        kappa          6B      6A
λ    \lambda       lambda         6C      6B
μ        \mu           mu             6D      6C
ν        \nu           nu             6E      6D
ξ        \xi           xi             78      6E
ο   ....          omicron        6F      6F
π        \pi           pi             70      70
ϖ     \varpi        var pi         76      7B
ρ       \rho          rho            72      71
ϱ    \varrho       var rho        --      --
σ     \sigma        sigma          73      72
&vsigma;    \varsigma     var sigma      56      5B
τ       \tau          tau            74      73
υ   \upsilon      upsilon        75      74
φ       \phi          phi            66      75
ϕ    \varphi       var phi        6A      7A
χ       \chi          chi            63      76
ψ       \psi          psi            79      77
ω     \omega        omega          77      78

Note: LaTeX uses the latin letter o for omicron.