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This document covers recent changes and additions to the universe of information available to Mosaic and the World Wide Web. (See also the Mosaic Demo Document for an organized selection of hypermedia resources and the Internet Resources Meta-Index for a listing of resource guides and searchable databases.)

New resources and interesting additions to existing resources are added to the list on a request basis -- send suggestions to whats-new@ncsa.uiuc.edu in HTML format and written in the third person. Please test the notices and attempt to keep them concise. There is no need to bold every anchor. I know that you consider them important but so does everybody else on the page! This page is maintained as a service to the World Wide Web community. We reserve the absolute right to modify and/or ignore any requests that we receive.


Due to the TREMENDOUS load being handled by the NCSA WWW server there may be times that you are unable to get the NCSA Mosaic Home Page when you first start Mosaic. This in no way should effect your ability to retrieve documents from other sites. To alleviate this problem you may want to set an alternate home page for Mosaic to automatically load on startup.

Marc Andreessen has left NCSA for Enterprise Integration Technologies of Palo Alto, CA as of January 1994. You can now reach him at EIT as marca@eit.com.

The following versions of NCSA Mosaic have recently been released:

Experimental tutorials on various Mosaic-related topics are now available. Comments welcome (send 'em to jonm@ncsa.uiuc.edu).


April 1, 1994
A WWW server is now available for Alberto's Nightclub in downtown Mountain View, California. It lists current and past monthly calendars, with graphics and audio for many of the artists which play at the club.

A new Coke Machine is available on the Web!

The Cambridge Astronomy Web server continues to develop. New features include the X-ray group's public page, the UK Hubble Space Telescope Support Group's page, an archive of the Starlink Newsgroups, and guides to preparing TeX and LaTeX articles for astronomy Journals.

Internet World & Document Delivery World International 94
The UK's first annual conference and exhibition enabling the business, industrial and professional communities to grasp the commercial and organisational opportunities offered in the exploration of access to Internet and related networks.
Internet World and Document Delivery World International is the only event in London this year solely devoted to the needs of users and potential users in this field. With Tony Rutkowski, Arnoud de Kemp, Tomaz Kalin, Professor David Brailsford, Christopher MacPhail, Peter Dawe, Professor Charles Oppenheim, Michael Strangelove, Peter Stone, Eddie Zedlweski and Ian Watson among many others, the conference programme reads like a who's who of the world Internet and networking community.
Conference sessions will range from simple introductory treatments to the more technically focused information for existing users. The accompanying exhibition will offer a unique opportunity to see all the companies and organisations who can help you start out or develop in your use of this unique technological resource.
Full details are available from the event World Wide Web pages.

The Warsaw University Astronomical Observatory , Warsaw, POLAND announces a new WWW server. The server contains general information about the Observatory and the most up-to-date information on the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE) -- a long-term, large scale photometric search for dark matter in our Galaxy using microlensing phenomena. Information on the side projects conducted parallely to the main search are also there.

Nobody eats at Country Fare just once. Tucked away in Midtown Palo Alto, this gem of a country-style restaurant hooks you in on your first visit. The food is exceptional, the prices reasonable, and the staff makes you feel like family. Country Fare is a real oasis amidst trendy establishments that offer "in" food, inflated prices and interiors that are cold and uninviting. The restaurant is bright and cheerful, decorated with quilts, pine-topped tables, hanging plants and whimsical salt and pepper shakers. The semi-self-service style allows customers to eat and relax as long or as little as they like. Country Fare is brought to you by Internet Distribution Services.

Several new publications are now available on Wimsey Information Services growing Web server, located in Vancouver, British Columbia,

Check out the World Cup USA'94 server for information on one of the biggest athletic events in the world, which is coming to the U.S. this summer. Get tidbits on World Cup history, as well as USA'94 schedules, qualifying results, latest results from friendly matches, venues, teams, and more.

The Climate Diagnostics Center (NOAA) in Boulder, Colorado, is pleased to announce its Web home page. This page provides an overview of the CDC and describes the CDC climatological data holdings. Although the links to the data files are still being constructed, the metadata describing the datasets are available to browse.

Repost due to a mistake:
FINWeb is a new World Wide Web service that provides access to some of the best economics and finance-related resources that can be found on the Internet. FINWeb features links to, among other things, 1) various working paper archives, 2) Gopher and WWW services provided by leading economics departments, finance departments, business schools, and financial institutions throughout the world, 3) EDGAR (the Security and Exchange Commission's online database), and 4) the Financial Executive Journal. FINWeb is offered as an ancillary service of RISKWeb, a Risk and Insurance World Wide Web Server.

Santa Rosa Junior College has their weekly newspaper The Oak Leaf in electronic format. On The SOLAR System (The Super Oak Leaf Archive Reader System), one will find The Oak Leaf, poetry, journalism projects, art and information about on-campus clubs.

CSC Chemistry Topics provides information for chemistry-related subjects at CSC, including visualization and animation done at CSC. CSC Chemistry Topics includes also a presentation of some chemistry groups and chemistry departments in Finland (more will be added when available) and links to Usenet News, Gopher and other WWW information servers. CSC is the Finnish national supercomputer center located in Espoo, Finland.

ARIAWeb is a World Wide Web server that provides information concerning the programs and services offered to members and friends of the American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA). The American Risk and Insurance Association is the premier professional association of scholars and professionals in the field of insurance and risk management. Click here for more information about ARIA. If you are interested in becoming a member of ARIA, here is an application form.

The Faculty of Mathematical Sciences at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, ISRAEL, now has a WWW home page.

The State University of New York at Stony Brook (USB) Chemistry Department announces the addition of it's WWW server to other campus-based servers. The USB Home Page lists servers as they come on line and currently includes links to Physics, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Mathematics and Earth and Space Sciences.

The CMU Genetic Art exhibits (Genetic Art I, Genetic Art II, and Genetic Movies) have all moved to a new machine. If you have links to them, you should adjust them accordingly.

Quadralay Corporation, maintainer of the Austin WWW Server, is proud to announce it's newest service, the Quadralay MarketPlace. The Quadralay MarketPlace is a WWW storefront where WWW users can come to peacefully browse through products that interest them without being bothered by a noisy salesperson. Online purchasing methods will be added soon. Our first store is The Reference Press, Inc., publisher of the Hoover series of business refernce books.

Boston University announces its official web server. You can find general information about Boston University as well as links to college, school, and department servers.

The Student Association of the School of Information and Library Studies (SILS) at the University of Michigan has put their newsletter on the Web. It's called the ILSSA Communicator and features links and articles on activities going on around SILS. Check it out!

The University of Oklahoma's Web Server, OU INFO, features a funky interface allowing access to a Virtual Library , the award-winning campus newspaper The Oklahoma Daily, and an experimental hypermedia Campus Directory. In addition to pointers to the latest in hip web sites, the site also includes general information about computing and campus life at Oklahoma.

The Russian and East European Studies Home Pages are a comprehensive guide to the worldwide network-accessible resources available to scholars in the interdisciplinary study of Russia and Eastern Europe. Resources are subdivided into separate pages by discipline, into Language, Literature, Music, Art, Culture, Government and Public Affairs, Science, Technology, Engineering, Computers, and Communications, Business, Finance, Economics, and History, Geography, Sociology. The resources are also cross-indexed by type. The REES Home Pages are presented by the University of Pittsburgh Center for Russian and East European Studies and the University of Pittsburgh Library System, Networked Information Services Group. Send additions, comments, corrections, and correspondence to Casey Palowitch, cjp+@pitt.edu.

As of April 1st, 1994, EUnet and McDonalds join to offer Global "Internet in a Lunchbox". See the press release for further details of this revolutionary product.

Futuristic Code Tools Alert! Check out the home page for Reasoning Systems. Reasoning sells code analysis and transformation tools for Ada, C, COBOL and FORTRAN that let you-- These products are REFINE Language Tools, and Software Refinery(TM). They run on SPARC, RS/6000 and HP 9000/7xx workstations and are designed to handle millions of lines of source code. Each tool has a comprehensive API so you can extend them to work with different languages and to perform user-specified code analysis and transformation tasks.

The server of the Principia Cybernetica Project has been extended with lots of new material and services (including a Boolean searchable Index). The aim of the project is the computer-supported collaborative development of an evolutionary-systemic world view. Put more simply, it tries to tackle age-old philosophical questions with the help of the most recent cybernetic theories and technologies. Principia Cybernetica Web provides hundreds of texts and hyperlinks on Cybernetics and Systems Theory (glossary, bibliography, societies, journals, ...), evolution, self-organization, complexity, cognition, epistemology, philosophy, transdisciplinary integration of knowledge, and related topics.

New (classical) music related information source in the Web! The Opera Schedule Server provides you information about hundreds of scheduled opera performances from all over the World! The server is operated at the Process Control Department of the Technical University of Budapest.

biancaTroll Productions gleefully announces the opening of biancaTroll's Chicago Smut-Shack. Inside the shack you will find all sorts information about Chicago's North Side, as well as interactive reviews, gardening tips, coffee table descriptions, offcial boyscout quotes, recipes, and plenty of friendly advice from bianca's Trolls. Take a peek around, sign the guestbook, scrawl some grafitti on bianca's bathroom walls, and post a classified. Enjoy!

The COMPS Lab, part of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Iowa, is proud to announce it's World Wide Web server. Among other locally produced services, you can find the Iowa Virtual Tourist, a graphical map of Internet resources in Iowa, the 1993-94 Graduate Handbook, a schedule of colloquia and a gateway to the Geographic Name Server at martini.eecs.umich.edu. Please note that this is not the departmental WWW server.

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