HTML 4.01 Test Suite - Assertions

Testable Assertions Prologue

The testable assertions from the HTML specification are grouped by section, with one page per section. Each testable assertion consists of the following:

In some places the specification does not use must/should/may wording explicitly, but does use comparable wording which we treated according to the following transform:

  1. are | requires | causes | does --> must
  2. can --> should
  3. hint --> may

There are navigation links at the top of each assertion page that look like the following:

[Previous] [Next] [Contents] [Specification]

The four links are, respectively:

A typical assertion looks like this:

Assertion 15.3-11

Reference: Section 15.3
(must) The HR element causes a horizontal rule to be rendered by visual user agents.
Tests: 15_3-BF-01.html

The name of this assertion is Assertion 15.3-11. It references Section 15.3 of the HTML specification. Because of the presence of "(must)" this assertion is a required feature of the specification. It has one test, 15_3-BF-01.html. The links to tests have a light green background for easier identification. Note that some assertions currently do not have any tests written for them.