Notes and admonishments
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6.4 - Notes and admonishments

The NOTE element is used when you want to draw the readers attention to some point or other. For example:

<note role="NOTE" src="info.gif">
The "partial-window-name" parameter must exactly match the beginning
 characters of the window name (as it appears on the title bar), 
including proper case (capital or lower letters) and any punctuation.
This is typically rendered as:

The text of the ROLE attribute (if given) is inserted at the start of the note in a bold font and followed by a colon. Typical roles are TIP, NOTE, WARNING and ERROR. The SRC attribute may be used to name a URL or URN as an icon which is displayed in the left margin at the start of the note. An upright hand icon is often used for tips; a warning road sign for warnings and a stop sign for errors*1. Horizontal rules are drawn automatically to help readers distinguish the note from the surrounding text. You can place horizontal rules in other parts of your document using the <HR> element which can appear anywhere a <P> element is allowed.

HTML+ Discussion Document - November 8, 1993

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