HTML IG meeting at SCO 25 July

9 people met at SCO Canada's offices on Monday afternoon 25 July 94. These are informal notes of what came out of it.

The draft charter was drawn up.

We have to sort out mailer problems for the list.

Editing process

Dan is going to find his time for editing limited. Various people volunteered to help, with Dan coordinating: Larry Massinter, Alan Braverman (forms, Overview), Eric Sink (maybe), Murray (control characters and some). Liam Quin offered help with format translation.

The current dataflow revolves around a Hal proprietory product "Nodeset":

It was decided to move the source form back to HTML, and generate Postscript via for example TeX or troff etc with Liam's help. W3O will hold the souces on a machine to which editors will be given access.


The group decided:
Tim Berners-Lee