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@context everywhere@context id@delay
@iterate@value override single node binding on outputAVTs
A document() functionAcknowledgements20
Add ITS Rule fileAdd XML 1.1 support for i18nAdd model item properties to UI level
Add scripts to XForms input-mode script list in Appendix EAdd support for default values without the need of an instance elementAdd support for multiple expression languages
Agenda Feb. 1, 2008 (virtual day)Agenda Feb. 4, 2008Agenda Feb. 5, 2008
Agenda Feb. 6, 2008Allow IRIs for external schema locations
Allow multiple Model Item Property definitionsAllow submission elements without model elementAnnotation Use Case Complex Content
Annotation Use Case Simple Content WrapAnnotation Use Case Simple Content Wrap With ParametersAnnotation Use Case Simple Content Wrap With Server-Side Selection List
AnnotationsBase Event Context Information
Better authoring of repeating constructsBetter componentization of XForms modulesBetter control of headers on instance src
Better control of updates on insert, delete, setvalue/UI control changeBetter expression of conditional default valuesBidirectional Value Conversion
Bind functionBooks and Wikis on XForms 1.0CSS/datatable.css
CSS ClassesCancel a SubmissionCancel submission
Case() FunctionClose Form - Close Document
Co-related quantitiesComparision between XForms-Tiny and WebForms 2.0Composition Patterns
Compressed uploadsConstraint-based AlertConstraint-based alerts
Context information for UI eventsCreateNewSpecModuleCreateNewSpecVersion
Custom XPath functionsCustom event context information
December 2007 NewsletterDecimal-string() functionDeclarativeInsert
DeclarativeStyleSpecDefault triggerDeleteMe
Deprecation of @nodeset in favor of @refDialogEase-of-authoring Patterns
Enhancements to Trigger and Submit availability during SubmissionEval function
Example markup for nested modelsExample simple formExample simple form with model overrides
Externally defined models with src attributeFaceToFaceFile:Example-white-bg.jpg
File:Example.jpgFile:M-en-interwiki lang.pngFile:M-en-pagetabs.png
File:PD-Help icon.pngFile browser dialog to be used with file get or put for open and saveFix select1 so that it can allow multiple items with the same value to be selected simultaneously as well as one that restricts to only one item that matches.
Form App modularizationForm apps as componentsForms-pi
Forms Public Mailing ListsForms Working Group
FtF 2007 09FtF 2008 02FtF 2008 06
FtF 2009 02FtF 2009 11 Palo AltoFtF 2009 11 Palo Alto Agenda
FtF 2009 11 TPAC AgendaFtF 2010 03 24 AgendaFtF 2011 Virtual 1 Agenda
Future GoalsGeneral useability of IRIsHTTP Authentication
Hashtags and StateHelp With XFormsIBM developerWorks XForms Tips
IDL functions to integrate with AJAXImproved UI EventsInitial sending of MIP events
InputModeInternational mail adressesIntroduction To XForms
January-February 2008 NewsletterJavaScript (and other languages) API for XFormsJson
Kurt Cagle's Six Part Series on Understanding XFormsLabel For AttributeLanguage Relevance
Large cookiesLeighKlotzLoad Embedding
MIP Names, Types, Etc.MIP functions
Main PageMake id() function XPath 2.0 compatibleMake model optional
March-May 2008 NewsletterMetadata AppearanceMetadata Controls
Metadata controls and xml langMinimal HelpHintLabelMinutes
Model-based repeat indexModel-based switching with switchModelEnhancementRequirements
Model with attribute forMultiple cases active for some kind of UI switchMultiple schemas targeting same namespace
Need a sumproduct() functionNeed ability to conditionally cancel eventsNeed binary data support for submission data and submission result
Need event for submission result receivedNested models for convenient grouping and compositionNew UI events
NewsNews ArchiveNewsletters
NickVanDenBleekenNode Creation XPath Functions
Non-selected cases and non-relevant groupsOptimization for wizards
Other articlesP3ptype
Parse and serialize functionsPhone meetings
Preliminary XForms 1.1 ImplementationsRESTful SubmissionRecoverable link error on instance src
Refactor instance, binds, submissionRefactor schema support to allow other enginesRegex pattern and replace functions
Relationship To Other WorkResolutionsRound 1
Round 2SCXML integration
Same model item property on the same nodeSchema attr on instanceSelected IBM developerWorks Articles
Sorting a view of dataSorting data
Specific actions instead of general insertStevenPembertonSubmission Embedding
Submission Request-Response IDsSubmission some kind of better filtering than relevance that affects only submission and not the UISwitchCaseStyling
Templates of shadow dataThe XForms Dialog ModuleThe XForms Function Library Module
The XForms Transform Function ModuleThe XForms Transform ModuleTrack submission progress
Trang.shTransformTree Controls
Tree controlsUnified evaluation contextUpcoming RFC for Human Readable Resource Identifiers
UserUser-defined model item propertiesUser Interface Patterns
VFtF 2009 06 04VFtF 2009 06 11VFtF 2009 06 18
VFtF 2009 06 25VFtF 2009 07 02VFtF 2009 09 03
Validation attr on instance to control strict/lax/skipValue attribute on send actionValue changes upon instance replacement
VariableVariables in XPathView and Edit and Submit binary data
W3C XForms Recommendations and DraftsW3C XForms Tutorials and IntroductionsWhat Are XForms
Wiki InformationWorkingGroupXBL integration
XForms 1.1 First Edition ErrataXForms 1.1 Information
XForms 1.1 in WikiXForms 1.2: Streamlined for Web Application AuthorsXForms 1.2 Modularization
XForms 2.0XForms 2.0 RNC SchemaXForms 2.0 Refactoring
XForms 2.0 XSD SchemaXForms 2.0 baseXForms 2.0 edit
XForms ExamplesXForms Future Features
XForms ImplementationsXForms Modularization
XForms TimerXForms TinyXForms Tips
XForms TransitionalXForms Weblog and portal SitesXForms instance data module
XForms message moduleXForms namespace for XPath functionsXML-events-2.rnc
XML Signatures integrationXPath 2.0XPath 2.0 type annotations
XPath Expressions ModuleXPath Expressions Module baseXQuery
Xforms-action-errorYUI Rich Text Editor