Chapter 7

Test Case Description Link To Spec Normative for XForms Basic Normative for XForms Full
7.3.1.a getInstanceDocument() method 7.3.1 false false
7.3.1.b getInstanceDocument() method throws DOMException 7.3.1 false false
7.4.a evaluation context for the outermost binding elements 7.4 true true
7.4.b evaluation context for the non-outermost binding elements 7.4 true true
7.4.c context node always resides within the context model 7.4 true true
7.4.d context node for computed expressions is the node currently processed 7.4 true true
7.4.e context size and position 7.4 true true
7.4.f namespace declarations in scope for attribute that defines expression are applied to expression 7.4 true true
7.5.5.a binding examples 7.5.5 true true
7.7.1.a boolean-from-string() function 7.7.1 true true
7.7.2.a if() function 7.7.2 true true
7.8.1.a avg() function positive test 7.8.1 true true
7.8.1.b avg() function negative test 7.8.1 true true
7.8.2.a min() function positive test 7.8.2 true true
7.8.2.b min() function negative test 7.8.2 true true
7.8.3.a max() function positive test 7.8.3 true true
7.8.3.b max() function negative test 7.8.3 true true
7.8.4.a count-non-empty() function 7.8.4 true true
7.8.5.a index() function 7.8.5 true true
7.8.5.b index() function with no repeat 7.8.5 true true
7.9.1.a property() function with version and conformance-level attributes 7.9.1 true true
7.10.1.a now() function 7.10.1 true true
7.10.2.a days-from-date() function 7.10.2 true true
7.10.2.b days-from-date() function ignores hours, minutes, and seconds 7.10.2 true true
7.10.2.c days-from-date() function negative test 7.10.2 true true
7.10.3.a seconds-from-dateTime() function 7.10.3 true true
7.10.4.a seconds() function 7.10.4 true true
7.10.5.a months() function 7.10.5 true true
7.11.1.a instance() function 7.11.1 true true
7.12.a invalid functions attribute in model element 7.12 true true