Differences between XForms 1.0 and 1.1

This list reflects the differences between the Rec version of XForms 1.0 and the last call version of XForms 1.1, and only feature a high-level view of the differences.

Many of the changes only effect minor details about the processing model (such as clarifications).

Most of the changes are additions and simplifications, though control of submission has greatly improved.

Model and instance

New version attribute: <model version="1.1">...

New resource attribute: <instance resource="...">

New Datatypes

<bind nodeset="q" required="true()" type="xsd:integer"/>

is now

<bind nodeset="q" required="true()" type="xforms:integer"/>


The first submission element is now the default, so if you only have one submission a submit control doesn't need to specify it.

Submission: attributes

To control submission more, the <submission> element now has a number of new attributes and child elements.


Submission: elements

Submission for Soap

Better support for soap submission


New events:

New Functions

Encoding and decoding functions

Control functions


Actions: insert and delete

insert action improved

delete action improved

Conditional and repeated actions

<delete if="XPath Expression" .../>

<delete while="XPath Expression" .../>

On all actions

New attribute on dispatch action

<dispatch delay="1000" ... /> allows polling.

Additions to actions

dispatch+name child element

dispatch+target child element

dispatch+delay child element

setfocus+control child element

load+resource child