Test results: Hreflang content generation

These tests seek to establish whether a user agent supports use of the hreflang attribute plus CSS to display information about the language of a link target. It does not test whether the hreflang value is used when viewing the target document.

Summary & conclusions

See the results below for user agents tested. This section summarizes the results of those tests.

All the user agents tested supported this behaviour, except Internet Explorer (6 and 7).

The fact that IE doesn't support this is unfortunate, given its market share. It doesn't break the page, however, on IE. The user simply doesn't see this information.

This means that as long as the information is not critical for the user, you can still use this technique and it will provide an enhanced user experience on the other browsers.

Latest results

The following user agents were tested on Windows XP and Mac OS X.

The columns represent named tests on the test page. The cells indicate whether the test was passed succesfully or not.

Literal substitution Attribute value substitution
IE 7 No No
IE 6.0 No No
Firefox 1.5.01 Yes Yes
Mozilla 1.7.12 Yes Yes
Navigator 8.0.4 Yes Yes
Opera 8.54 Yes Yes
Safari 2.0.3 Yes Yes

Older results

This section provides additional information about older UA versions, where that information exists. It does not provide enough information to trace the history of feature support in a given UA. The following user agents were tested on Windows XP and Mac OS X.

Literal substitution Attribute value substitution
Firefox 1.0PR Yes Yes
Mozilla 1.7.2 Yes Yes
Navigator 7.1 Yes Yes
Opera 7.54 Yes Yes
IE 5.2 (Mac) No No