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1 5.2 Lexical space for XForms data types missing

The description of the XForms data types does not in every case provide information about the lexical space(s), but only about the value spaces. Please provide a statement describing the relation.

2 5.2.3 and 5.2.4 Reference to definition of data types missing

The data types dateTimeDuration and yearMonthDuration are described as XForms data types, but they are data types defined in the XQuery Data Model specification. Please provide a reference to this specification from sec. 5.2.3 and 5.2.4. See also the related comment from the XML Core WG, which is basically the same.

3 2 Mention of Internationalization
Using XML 1.0 for instance data ensures that the submitted data is internationalization ready.
We think that XForms should refer to XML 1.1 as well.
4 3.2.2 Responsibility for useability of IRIs unclear
The host language may permit a Linking Attributes Collection to be applied to XForms elements as an alternate means of obtaining content related to the element. An example is the src attribute from [XHTML 1.0]. The schedule by which link traversal occurs is defined by the host language. If the link traversal fails, the host language may dispatch xforms-link-exception or xforms-link-error to the model associated with the in-scope evaluation context node of the element that bears the Linking Attributes Collection for the failed link.

Does this mean that the host language is responsible whether XForms allows for using IRIs or not? Please answer this question in the specification and provide a reference (normative or informative, depending on the answer) to the IRI specification.

5 4.2.1 IRIs for external schema locations possible? As part of the xforms-model-construct Event, you describe that all XML Schemas are loaded. Is it possible to use IRIs for identifying external schemas? See also comment 4 of the i18n core comments. FS S
6 5.2.5 Restriction of international mail addresses unclear
Internationalized email addresses are not restricted by XForms beyond the definition in the RFC.

Please clarify whether it is possible to use internationalized email or not. We feel that it would be important that it is possible.

7 7.10.1 Require UTC as default for time zone information
The now function returns the current system date and time as a string value in the canonical XML Schema xsd:dateTime format. If time zone information is available, it is included (normalized to UTC). If no time zone information is available, an implementation default is used.

Please require that the default is UTC. Otherwise the results of applying this function by different implementations might lead to dateTime values which are not totally ordered. See the Working with Time Zones for further guidance. Btw., in e.g. sec. 7.10.2 "The days-from-date() Function" you already require usage of UTC.

8. 7.10.6 and 7.10.7 Availability of time zone information unclear

Sec. 7.10.6 contains the statement:

This function returns a lexical xsd:date obtained as if by the following rules: the result of now() is converted to a local date based on the user agent time zone information.

From this statement it is unclear what kind of indicator the user agent should use to provide time zone information. The same unclearness is in sec.7.10.7.

9 App. E Add scripts to XForms input-mode script list in Appendix E The Working Group endorses the coment sent by Martin Dürst at http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-forms-editor/2007Mar/0010.html. Please keep us in the loop during your discussion of the comment. MD S
10 Various Various The Working Group endorses the coment sent by Yves Savourel http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-forms-editor/2007Mar/0009.html , especially comment 1 ("Is the WG planning to provide an ITS Rule file along with the specification (e.g. as a non-normative appendix)?") Please keep us in the loop during your discussion of the comments. YS S

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