XML Prague ITS 2.0 Demo Session

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1 Objectives

At the 8. February Pre-conference Friday of XML Prague, we will introduce ITS 2.0 and show several implementations that implement some of the use cases.

2 Schedule

  • 11:30 Introduction to ITS 2.0 (Felix Sasaki, DFKI / W3C Fellow)
  • 11:40 ITS 2.0 in Localization related workflows: machine translation, translation package creation and quality check (Fredrik Liden, ENLASO)
  • 12:00 HTML&XML-to-TMS Roundtrip using XLIFF with CMS-L10n and SOLAS (David Filip, UL, presents collaborative efforts by TCD and UL)
  • 12:20 ITS 2.0 in Drupal (Karl Fritsche)
  • 12:40 q/a & discussion time: opportunities to integrate ITS 2.0 aware tools into your XML-based tool chain