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1 General

W3C uses IRC and various bots for telephone conferences:

Below is a short summary of what you need. More info is available at

2 Join IRC

3 Join the telephone call

  • For dial-in info of the regular working group calls, see the separate page.
  • The mailing list public-multilingualweb-lt contains call details in the agenda mails, with the subject Agenda: .... Watch out for these mails for the latest current dial-in info.

4 Starting a call

See . This will be handled by the chairs.

5 Basic commands for scribing

See: Also:

The below are not meant to replace any W3C documentation on Scribe!

At the start of the call:

Call the bots: trackbot-ng, start telcon

Set the meeting title: Meeting: MLW-lT Phone call Day, Month, Year, Hour. TimeZone.

Set the scribe: scribe: <name> (You will not get confirmation of this command)

Set the chair: chair: <name> (You will not get confirmation of this command)

Set the agenda: agenda: <link to the agenda> (This should link to agenda on MLW-LT wiki page)

List the present participants: zakim, who's here ? (Automatically list who is present during roll call)

List any regrets manually: Regrets: Alice, Bob (Chair should identify regrets during roll call)

During the call:

Set the topic: TOPIC: review of action items (Chair should identify when topic changes)

Record the discussion - One comment: Mary: agrees with Bob on action 1.

Continuing comments: Mary: agrees with Bob on action 2

... but thinks that action 3 needs more work

... and action 4 is by no means compltes.

Fix spelling mistakes: s/compltes/complete/ (It can be helpful for other members (not scribing) to do this).

Record Actions: ACTION: <name> to <do something> (Date is set to one week ahead, MLW-LT co-chairs will adjust date accordingly).

After the call:

Dismiss zakim: zakim, bye

Generate minutes: rrsagent, generate minutes (will generate a http://... link for the minutes, copy this link for final task).

Make minutes public: rrsagent, make logs public

Dismiss rssagent: rrsagent, bye

Using Zakim & IRC:

"zakim, +1.7 is Arle"

Where the "+1.7" is the start of number you dialed in from (so for you it would be "+353." (followed by the start of your number)) and "Arle" (obviously) is my IRC handle. That aligns Zakim’s knowledge of the IRC and phone attendance.

Final Task: One the main page of the MLW-LT wiki in Section 6 (Meetings) move meeting from 'upcoming' to 'past' and include link to previously generated minutes.