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BerlinJan2012Berlin September 2013 f2fBest Practice: ITS with CMS
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CMS Neutral External ITS Rules and ReadinessComments HandlingDeliverables
Dial in info for regular callDublin June 2013 f2f and showcaseEditors assignments
Email communication tagsEventScheduleExecBoard
FrankfurtFeb2012HTML5 DefaultsITS-RDF mapping
ImplementationIssues/DrupalImplementation CommitmentsInfos gathering for moving forward
LSP Localization Chain Side Use Case DemonstrationLocQualityLuxembourg-March2012-MLW-LT-Req-Breakout
LuxembourgMarch2012LyonNov2012META-FORUM 2013 MultilingualWeb Slides
Madrid November 2013 f2fMailingListGuidelinesMain Page
MetadataStandardDraftMetadata and workflow comparison
Okapi ImplementationOkapi Use Case - Quality CheckOkapi Use Case - Simple Machine Translation
Old main pageOnline MT System Internationalization Project Information MetadataOnline MT System Process Metadata
Online MT System Provenance Quality MetadataOnline MT Systems Use Case DemonstrationOwnership of rfc2119 statements
PragueJan2013f2fPragueSep2012Presentations archive
PressReleaseProvenance Best PracticeQuestionnaire Results
Report 3.1.5Requirements
Requirements/Original RequirementsRequirements/workflowRequirements Assessment
Requirements Mapped to WorkpackagesRome-lux-prepScribeList
Simple Segment Machine Translation Use Case DemonstrationTeleConfInfoTest Suite Development
Use Case Demonstration TemplateUse cases - high level summaryWP1
WP5WP6XLIFF MT Roundtrip Value Chain workflow
XLIFF MappingXML Prague ITS 2.0 Demo Session