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This page is out of date and will not be updated anymore.

1 Key

Data Categories
assumes the following consolidations in place to slim down the attribute list: dropRule and localeSpecificContent, provenance agents and statuses into readiness.
groups consolidation candidate related to terminology under new category of that name.
WG interest
counts the number of people who volunteered to look a the data category, and in brackets the number who were asked to look at it. The letter R indicated this is an ITS1.0 tag and therefore definitely required
Survey Interest
lists the anonymised ID from the Questionnaire Summary whose reponses indicated an interest in thei data category
A classification of the level or type of difficulty
E - Easy
RD - Requirements Difficulty, where it currently seems difficult to establish or catalogue the requisitions or use cases for this data category
CS - Consensus difficulty, where it would seem that achieving consensus may be difficult due to preponderance of different established viewpoints in industry
TD - Technical Difficult, where formulating the data category specification requires further technical investigation and possibly reliance on technical knowledge not yet evident in the WG
Implementation commitment
D(x) - x will definitely implement this data category in their system and subject it to conformance testing
P(x) - x will possibly implement this data category in their system and subject it to conformance testing depending on specific factors (state them)

2 Table

Data Category WG interest Survey interest Difficulty Note Implementation commitment
autoLanguageProcessingRule 1 E D (Shaun), P(Yves, not sure if it's useful for our process)
directionality R (1) 6, 12 RD Full directionality requirements
locale-filter 1 (2) 1, 4, 7 E P(Yves, depends on difficulty), D (Shaun)
idValue 1 TD, RD See discussion, many options, suitable for different requirements D(Yves), P(Shaun, not sure it has value in our processes)
ElementsWithinText 1 TD Considering all cases P(Yves, depends on need), D (Shaun)
preserveSpace 1 1 TD What counts as space D(Yves), D (Shaun, already done as an extension)
ruby R (1) TD, RD complicated P(Shaun, not sure how it fits into our processes)
targetPointer 1 RD Would a content file ever have both src and tgt D(Yves), P(Shaun, depends how it relates to many-language formats)
translate R 1 (1) 4, 7, 9, 10 E D(Yves), D (Shaun)
localization note R (1) E D(Yves), D (Shaun)
language information R (1) 5, 13 E P(Yves, depends on need), P(Shaun)
readiness 3 (2) 2, 15 CD See discussion P(Shaun, depends how well I can map it to our processes)
progress-indicator 1(1) 2 CD What units?
Project Information
domain 3 5 CD Agreeing domains P(Shaun), P(Yves)
formatType (1) RD Needed?
genre 3 RD Needs use case
purpose (1) RD Needs use case
register 1 RD Needs use case
translatorQualification 1 CD Classification of qualification
contentLicensingTerms (1) CD, RD Relation to legal framework P(Shaun)
agent 2 2 TD, CD Align with PROV, new requirements P(Shaun, unlikely it can replace hacky credits extension)
sourceLanguage (1) 2 E Same values as
qualityError 2 2, 17 CD Quality model
qualityProfile 2 2, 17 CD Quality model
confidentiality 1 RD Relation to legal terms and condition
context 2 2, 10, 16, 18 RD, TD, CD Scope HTML or also all XML presentation? P (Yves, depends on mapping)
externalPlaceholder 1 2, 16 RD, TD Scope of external resources, parsing external resources D (Shaun, assuming it can replace externalRefRule), P(Yves)
languageResource 2 16 RD, TD Scope of external resources, parsing of external resources P(Yves)
mtConfidence 2 (1) (2) CD Meaning of score
mtDisambiguation 3 RD What’s needed
namedEntity 1 RD, CD What model of named entity
terminology R 1 5, 9, 10, 12, 17 E D(Yves)
textAnalysisAnnotation 1 RD, What annotation? confidence score needed? D(Yves)