META-FORUM 2013 MultilingualWeb Slides

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The following slides have been presented 19 September at META-FORUM 2013 as part of the "Technologies for the Multilingual Web" session.

  • Felix Sasaki (DFKI; World Wide Web Consortium, Germany) and Christian Lieske (SAP, Germany): Introduction – ITS 2.0 Bird's Eye View. Slides: Media:Slideset-1-and-2-christian-felix.pptx
  • ITS 2.0 Implementation Basket. With contributions from ITS 2.0 implementers Adobe (USA), Cocomore (Germany), Dublin City University (Ireland), Disruptive Innovations (France), ENLASO (USA), ]init[ (Germany), Institut "Jožef Stefan" (Slovenia), Logrus (USA), Lucy Software (Germany), Moravia (Czech Republic), Tilde (Latvia), Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), University of Economics Prague (Czech Republic) and University of Limerick (Ireland). Slides: Media:Slideset-3-implementation-basket-all.pptx
  • Pedro Díez Orzas (Linguaserve, Spain): Business Benefits of ITS 2.0-Aware Interoperability CMS-TMS and Online Multilingual Publishing System. Slides: Media:Slideset-4-pedro.pptx
  • Phil Ritchie (VistaTEC, Ireland): Harnessing ITS 2.0 Metadata to Improve the Human Review Process. Slides: Media:Slideset-5-phil.pptx
  • Asunción Gómez Pérez (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain): The Future of the Multilingual Web – Introducing LIDER. Slides: Media:Slideset-6-asun.pptx