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Very raw minutes:

1 Participants

Confirmed: Pedro, Tadej, Phil, David, Carina, Moritz, Felix

Remote participants: Bryan Schnabel (partially on Monday), Yves

Yves: "I’m planning to follow the meeting as much as possible Monday and Tuesday. On Monday probably from 11am/noon your time until 4/5pm your time. On Tuesday we have the XLIFF TC meeting at 5pm your time."

Dial in info for remote participants:

2 Logistics

  • Dates: 20-21 February 2012
  • Location: Gutleutstrasse 30, 60329 Frankfurt, Germany
  • Host: Cocomore. Contact info (phone): +49 69 972 69-0
  • IRC:
    • Go to
    • Enter your user name and the channel #mlw-lt
    • We will use IRC for discussions with external participants and for scribing
  • Phone bridge: We have reserved a zakim bridge. Depending on how many people dial in we may just use Skype.

3 Objectives

Recently, a "translate" attribute has been added to HTML5

I propose that we discuss concrete implementations that can make use of this attribute for HTML5 and for other formats, see for XML the ITS definition at

Scenarios could be:

  • Automatic generation of "translate" attributes for web content (Enricher - Tadej)
  • Creation of templates for web authors with "translate" attributes set (Cocomore - Moritz)
  • A localization chain for Web and other (?) content including a dashboard making use of this attribute (Pedro + Phil)
  • Usage of the attribute in XLIFF and (or) for generation of XLIFF (Yves, David Filip)
  • Generation of files with the attribute from DocBook and DITA files (Jirka)
  • Many others ...

During the meeting I would like to discuss above scenarios and see where we can agree on concrete implementation scenarios already. We can standardized "bottom up" and see what piece of standardization is good for real life scenarios, that is including real customers.

4 Agenda

20 Feburary: Start 2 p.m.

21 February:

  • Implementation scenarios - between 9-11: Carina, Ronny, Moritz have separate sessions to discuss:
    • Pedro: deeper technical discussions about drupal related implementations
    • Tadej: enrycher - what to generate, XLIFF as a broker or not?
    • Phil: how we encode "our" metadata in XLIFF
    • Documentation of discussion and next steps between Enrycher and Okapi: generating terminology enrichment via Enrycher and using that in Okapi: what metadata to be standardized, what API, what showcase
  • Milestone planning for WP3, in relation to WP2
  • Handling of website
  • (Probably not during this meeting) Press release schedule and content. W3C will issue a press release about the new working group on 7 March. We should feed content into the press release. Material so far:
  • Joint submission for ? Deadline: 22 February Wednesday)
  • 1st and 2nd workshop timing, see

5 Outcome

See summary of outcome and action items